My Dreamcast setup.

If you are looking into playing Dreamcast games in the most optimal way using original hardware then this is what you need to know.

Suggested setups
Dreamcast Model : Any type VA00 or VA01
Display : Toro Box (More info
Media : GDUSBv5 from DR Mnemo

Dreamcast model – The models that have integrated GD-ROMs cannot be replaced with USB controller so stick with the earlier VA00 or VA01

Display box – While you will most probably be using VGA for all games, some cannot run in VGA mode without apply patches to the media. The Toro box works with all display methods the Dreamcast outputs so no need to swap cables or patch media,

The GDUSB is a plug and play swap for the GD-ROM and gives access to using FAT32 formatted media via USB to store up to 2TB of Data , enough for every game ever made.

While you can burn games many of them have been been down sampled or altered in a way to reduce their file size. Some examples are videos sequences are re-encoded or audio changed to mono etc but some have much more drastic changes.

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